About 3 sides

This is a blog all about how my life got twist turned upside down, by working in Monitoring, Evaluation and the 647 other variations of that name. Each post and page reflect my opinions and the gatherings of information, garnered in a disorganised fashion over a number of years.

Nothing written here is a reflection of anyone else’s perspective or opinion unless very clearly otherwise stated. The blog is written as an individual and not under any organisation’s name, colours or branding and as such all thoughts and reflections are an expression of me, as an individual, and not any organisation I have, do or will work for. Unless they agree that there’s some sense to it. But that’s for them to say and not me.

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and opinions. As outlined in other posts, what is presented here is not the closed answer to anything, but hopefully, maybe, it will either help echo, refine, expand or stimulate your own thoughts and experiences. Thanks for taking the time to engage in it.

More explanation of motivations and aspirations can be found in the first post, here.

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